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Should I Follow Workout Plans Everyday To Lose Weight?


When it comes to losing weight, there should always be a right combination of exercise, diet, and taking rest. The importance of rest cannot be undermined. Only doing intense exercise is not going to work. Sometimes we see our friends who start losing weight after we start. But they are shedding it faster than us. It often gets confusing and you start thinking how is it possible that they are losing weight faster than you.

The reason is that they crack the secret to losing weight and follow proper workout plans. It is not because they are doing intense hard work for it. It is because they are doing smart work. So a lot of people get confused about whether they should exercise regularly or have some breaks while doing their routine exercise. To pace up the speed of losing your weight, here are a few things you need to take care of.

Should You Workout Everyday?

People who want to lose weight are often impatient and looking for workout plans that will help them to lose weight with days. They check the mirror each day despite knowing that it is not going to show them any noticeable improvement. So they work out every day and do not take off. According to experts, the main purpose of exercise does not get fulfilled without having proper rest.

While following your workout plans, taking regular breaks is very beneficial for the body because it lets the body to recover and repair. No matter how fit you are or how much you have boosted up your stamina, you should always take some rest days. Here are some benefits of taking rest days during your exercise routine.

  • Allows Your Body to Recover: Rest day is not a waste of time. It is the time when the health effects of the exercise take place. During the exercise days, microscopic tears have been made in your cells. There are cells that are known as fibroblasts. When you take rest, these cells repair these tears.
  • Saves You From Injury: When you work hard regularly, your muscles are exposed to repetitive strain and stress. It may increase the risk of injuries. So taking test days can save you from this.
  • Improves Performance: When you work continuously, it gets difficult to do your routine workout. Odds are you may be less enthusiast. Ultimately, it may lead to losing your interest in the workout. So it is better to take some rest days instead of quitting your workout.
  • Improves Your Sleep: Regular exercise produces adrenaline and cortisol. These are energy-boosting hormones. But, constant workout may overproduce them which may result in fatigue and exhaustion. So taking rest days can help you create a balance in the production of these hormones.

How Many Rest Days Should I Take?

People often ask me about the number of days they should take rest. There is no thumb rule for it. You can have a rest day more often if you are doing intense hard work and rigorous exercises. Typically, it is recommended to have a rest day after every three to five days if you are having vigorous workout aerobic activity. If you are doing an intense cardio workout, you can increase the frequency of rest days. A rest day does not mean lying on the couch all day. You can still have some light workouts during the day. You can also do yoga and low-intensity exercises on your rest day.

Losing weight is not just about how hard you work and accurately how you follow your workout plans. It is about how smart you work. Those who do smart work, take rest and keep a healthy diet place along with exercising lose weight faster than those who merely focus on an intense workout. So it is better to have at least one day off your routine and give some time to your body to relax.

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